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In June, most people regarded themselves to the "

World Cup "Hard-core fans in particular, to pitch on the burst of emotions, through one after another sleepless night. However, the consecutive number of days they stay up late watching a variety of hidden crisis

Home Appliances Giant Glanz Then this started with an indelible Miyi warmth marketing.

Family civil war broke out, rescue field Galanz

World Cup as the world's biggest festival, to bring joy to people's endless, but here there are sound of discord. Recently, the media attention the "football widow" is one of the World Cup period, the iron male fans on his "other half" indifferent hooded head watch the game, many women have complained about the lack of concern for her husband, the World Cup busy during the work day, evening or from time to time have to put up smoke desperately and cheers broke out and a lot of blowing trash, etc. after the game.

Experts emphasized that the World Cup view of the ball, man-made hard to change the daily schedule, this time to reduce marital communication, increase mutual complaints, the little things most likely to become a family dispute incidents, causing feelings of irritability, resulting in increased family conflicts!

And Glanz are highly concerned about this issue, I urge all the beautiful wife of action to implement the "light and love plan!" It is understood, the plan called for the further period of ladies special "capture" her husband's heart, so that more 1000 World Cup after the husband by Baishun! Variable harm into! With electronic oven in time for the lover to add nutrition to easily build "a bridge of love."

Nutrition fresh, Galanz health care of the fans

Learned that recently, Guangdong, Sichuan, Shandong and other provinces and cities nationwide lit, dizziness, liver pain, palpitations and other symptoms were significantly increased and it is understood that such symptoms are mainly stay up late watching the World Cup ball, improper diet, to miss game, many fans did not notice

Food Whether fresh nutrition, staying up late is disabled when the multi-dish, or cold beer and a lot of pickled, grilled foods.

Medical experts pointed out that the perishable food in summer, modification, breed a large number of viruses, bacteria, such food if the food will add to the body burden.

Since the summer, Galanz Microwave ovens To play "good use of your microwave oven, do not starve watch the game," this warmth marketing slogan, introduced the World Cup series of new fans to stay up late watch the game "Go", and carefully build a microwave food recipes, easy to solve the physical well-being of the fans problem.

Glanz Microwave person in charge of the night to address fans obsessed with watching, Glanz introduced a variety of products with automatic cooking menu, such as "Push to Talk" series, have burned, boiled, grilled, fried explosives, a variety of cooking functions, you can easily cook in Guangdong, Shandong, Zhejiang and Sichuan dishes around, buttoned down a key function of all operations, automatically made 8 of 36 species of great cuisine dishes, thousands of taste, Hong crisp smooth, mouth-watering, easy to add the necessary nutrients, so fans need not worry for the cooking skills and time.

Care, reflected from a small office

Glanz is the World Cup for the fans doing the perfect plan of life. During the night watch, to do their own dishes with a light wave stove, hot milk or boiling chicken broth or soup pot, not just their intake of adequate nutrition to ensure adequate body resistance, watching the ball has enough spirit to clean under the housing, Finishing next thing.

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Galanz Microwave Oven Warmth Marketing The World Cup

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This article was published on 2010/10/24