The Beneficiaries In South African World Cup

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This is a session to be filled with star light of World Cup, even more the World Cup can be regarded as a war of commercial. In this grand feast, not only has the International Soccer Association and the South African World Cup Organization committee's form, also has Puma, MacDonald and so on well-known brand, even more, Chinese enterprises have appeared in this grand feast, as well as "China made".

As far as many people are concerned, the influence of South Africa World Cup is can not be ignored, only at the aspect of economy, that its income is quite objective. However, compared to the fact, this session of World Cup for South African, the payment was more than income. It is known to all, this time the more than 3.5 billion dollars has been invested by World Cup Organization committee, was the highest investment in the history of the World Cup. But this already went far beyond anticipated, it is said many local authorities of South Africa already were heavily in debt.

According to this data, many professionals analyzed and trusted the income of this World Cup of South Africa is going to be unsatisfactory. There was a study that total 32 pages to report the financial position of World Cup in South Africa, it reported the income of World Cup would not make up the payment of South Africa. What is more, there had the worker strike and the foreign tourist sharp decline. For the people's health sake, the local government limited the number of foreign tourist, the number got to 1,000,000.

Who are the greatest beneficiaries? Perhaps FIFA, as the supreme governing body of world football, FIFA copyright by television has maintained a steady income. It is reported by data in 2009, the total profit of FIFA's reached nearly 196 million dollars, and the financial income got to about 10 billion dollars. Just like a few of sports medias reported that FIFA was a "board". Maybe Puma to be, in this World Cup, Puma as one of FIFA sponsor, supplied the equipment sets for some African teams or athletes, and achieved historical feat.

With political pointed out, in addition to show own influence of soccer in South Africa World Cup, the people's expectations of its more a matter of fact that drives the economy of South Africa and the African continent to take off, but under the background that the global economy not yet out of recession, it could not say certainly that the economy of South African must be rised.

For Chinese people, Chinese football team could not participate in the World Cup that is quite disappointed. But you would see the Chinese shadow on the playground.

Looked at the whole playground, it was filled with Chinese elements. Vuvuzelas are popular with Africa's fans, but the worry for many players, even had a prohibition about playing, in fact, mostly made in China.

Even more, including footballs were made in China. It is said a manufacture of Jiangxi that offered the "celebrate" that as the World Cup ball, China produced a total 12 million designated ball games and business, this was controversial.

To our surprised, Chinese sponsors with other world famous brands entered the large stage of World Cup. China Harbin beer can be seen in every World Cup's match. They are the World Cup official sponsors, has also been in World Cup history first time presents the Chinese Enterprise's name.
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The Beneficiaries In South African World Cup

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This article was published on 2010/10/25